“AnEn is so far ahead of the curve it has to watch out not to bite its own tail.” - Lee Breuer

LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! is a theatricalized “live film” of an epic search for love. In their latest work of interactive theater, Anonymous Ensemble creates Hollywood magic using cameras, a green screen, live video processing software, and the opulent imagery of silent film director Erich von Stroheim. The show unveils a panoply of love affairs between the show’s star, Tall Hilda, and a string of paramours including a fictionalized Erich von Stroheim, a devout Gloria Swanson, and members of the live audience.  Exploring the connections and disconnections between Hollywood depictions of love and love in our real lives, the audience is drawn into and onto the silver screen (via the green screen) as their own stories splice into the film. Each performance is a unique tryst between cinema and live performance that invites the audience to voyeuristically participate in the artifice of movies and the immediacy of theater simultaneously.  With its lush, original score, LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! spins romance and reality, and reels to a surprise Hollywood finish!
Hilda loves YOU! To find out where you can rendezvouz with Hilda, please visit her on Facebook or click the “follow” button below for the latest Hilda News. LLA is brought to you by Anonymous Ensemble.

“…a choose-your-own-adventure of sorts for brainy adults who love film and theater.” — CT.com
“What ensued was an epic, hilariously dramatic love story, twisted with bizarre details…” –WesLive

To Love or Be Loved; a Rendezvous with Hilda

Talk to Hilda now in YouTube’s first-ever, fancy, interactive conversation

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For bookings/touring inquiries in the USA, please contact Dovetail Productions
For all all other inquiries, please contact Anonymous Ensemble

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